How this works?

One evening in 2018, a brilliant idea came to us, to buy new servers in exchange for just renting them. In this way, we can choose how long to get our money out of them, and when we are willing to make a profit. We can sell a proxy for a dollar, just like everyone else does, or we can sell 100 proxies for a dollar and wait to get our money out harder, but have the best prices, because we respect our customers.

Proxies are offered to you in 2 ways. You can simply download them in a .txt format or you can access them through an API (a link), where you can always get them. The advantage of the API is that when a proxy becomes malfunctioning (it can happen, for various reasons), it is automatically replaced by our scripts that work 24/7 to make sure you always have the best proxies. It's your choice, but we offer you this method to make sure you always have exactly how many functional proxies you buy 24/7. @ 2020 (c)