Some informations...

The cheapest proxy packages everywhere. You won't find it cheaper anywhere. A very important thing, if you buy 2000 proxies, for example, no one will receive those proxies. Only you will be their owner, and you will be able to access them through a private link or you can download them in .txt format.

Proxies are checked every 5 hours, and those that have died in the meantime will be replaced automatically. You don't have to worry about anything, everything is done by us. You will also have unlimited bandwidth and up to 3.000 threads at once time.

You have a high-end panel, where you can do absolutely anything, you can change your API password, etc.

The only payment method, at the moment, is paypal. Payment will be authorized and you will receive your package within 2 hours of payment. Probably, in the future, Bank transfer will be added, upon request. In case you receive support you can contact us at the email address, in general, we respond in maximum 2 hours.